Relative to UBI, BI, etc…

The thing disregarded in all this, is the moral and ethical justification for money creation. There isn’t any.

How does one justify allowing Wealth to borrow money into existence from Central Bank, buy sovereign debt for a profit, and have State force humanity to make the payments on that money for Wealth with our taxes, in debt service?

How does Piketty ignore the largest stream of income on the planet, sovereign debt service, paid by humanity directly to Wealth?

Complications and distractions aside, WEF estimated $255 trillion in existence globally, and over $200 trillion was in the bond market. So the vast majority of existing money is having the payments made on it with sovereign debt service payments from taxing humanity. …


I’m looking at papers discussing economic fairness and justice in the various Isms.

A point not investigated is the foundational inequity common to all current governmental structures: Money Creation.

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Current definition of money doesn’t accurately define an ideal globally fungible trade medium. It actually includes any trade good. Valid definition is essential to determining a moral and ethical justification for the current process of money creation.

This is most likely reason no Economist will answer the question: “What is the moral and ethical justification for the current process of money creation?”

In more than a decade of inquiry, the closest to answering was Karl Widerquist, who said the question was incoherent. Clearly unconcerned, that the foundational construct of human trade may be immoral or unethical, and vehemently opposed to thinking about it. …

Sounds non-sequitorial, like, “Would you rather carry your lunch or walk to work?”

That is a choice humanity has, to make.

About the money, and conflict.

When we have ideal money, Global conflict becomes difficult to maintain. I don’t think it can be done.

By ideal money, I suggest, a fixed unit of cost for planning, stable store of value for saving, with global acceptance for maximum utility, and nothing else.

We currently create variable cost, variable valued currencies, with variable acceptance, that invariably loses value over time.

So I suggest a rule, for international banking regulation, to correct the…

I made a chair

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With a ‘Leave It to Beaver’ analogy

For decades, anyone who used Cannabis was barred from work in public service, especially law enforcement.

So our police force is intentionally oppositional to a large portion of humanity. Based on the Dunedin cohort, about half. And the only Cannabis users in those jobs, were the best liars.

So, Beaver and Wally couldn’t get in if they wanted to, but Eddie Haskell could. (prolly not a weed guy, anyway)

That’s why our police force has so many Eddie Haskell’s, on steroids…

Social Contract between and among People and Governments

Draft global provisions


People: Adult human beings.

Government: Social structure holding assumed right to control social order.

Common Resources: Those resources accepted as International, earth, air, fire, water, wood, and those resources claimed by governments for its people, including the right to loan money into existence, represented by Shares that may be claimed by each adult human on the planet, for deposit in trust with local banks.

Rights and Responsibilities:

Peoples Rights:

  • As described by Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • An equal Share of the Common Resources
  • As provided for by local government

Peoples Responsibilities:

  • Deposit Common Resources share in local bank
  • Comply with law

Government Rights:

  • To govern as directed or suffered by its citizens

Government Responsibilities:

  • To act based on objective reality in the public interest
  • To safeguard and secure the people, their property, and the Common Resources
  • As required and/or demanded by its citizens


If it may interest you, I’ve been suggesting an ethical correction for the global money creation process.

The result of including each human being on the planet equally in a globally standard process of money creation, is a global basic income, without additional cost or administration.

A rule for international banking regulation:

All sovereign debt, money creation, shall be financed with equal quantum Shares of global fiat credit, that may be claimed by each adult human being on the planet, held in trust with local deposit banks, administered by local fiduciaries and actuaries exclusively for secure sovereign investment at a fixed and sustainable rate, as part of an actual local social contract. …



Responding to the economic effects of AI-driven automation will be a significant policy challenge for the next Administration and its successors. AI has already begun to transform the American workplace, change the types of jobs available, and reshape the skills that workers need in order to thrive. All Americans should have the opportunity to participate in addressing these challenges, whether as students, workers, managers, technical leaders, or simply as citizens with a voice in the policy debate.

AI raises many new policy questions, which should be continued topics for discussion and consideration by future Administrations, Congress, the private sector, academia, and the public. Continued engagement among government, industry, technical and policy experts, and the public should play an important role in moving the Nation toward policies that create broadly shared prosperity, unlock the creative potential of American companies and workers, and ensure America’s continued leadership in the creation and use of AI.

Nothing that hasn’t been reported for decades, really, more violent, worse every day, but the same.

The evil allowed to rule Israel seems the same as that which attempted to rule the promised land, and were expelled for their pride.

Instead of leading by example, with ascent, as instructed, visiting the oppression they were delivered from on other human beings, as though the others are not also our family.

I’m not certain if Empire Files is anti-Empire, or simply a record of accomplishments.

Now, if they support a rule to end the structural economic enslavement of humanity by Empire through the monetary system, I might begin to accept their motivation. The sticking point, is that since they are all so much more educated than I am, it doesn’t make much sense that they aren’t aware of the inequity. …

Those charlatans are the refuge of despair, frustration, anger.

They prey on disenfranchisement to deliver their hateful lies, to an audience thirsting for recognition, for an end to pain, for all those things promised by State, intellectuals, and church.

The power of these, likely ignorant, and perhaps sincere, zealots, evaporates with our equal inclusion in a globally standard process of money creation.

Adopting a rule of inclusion to manifest a stable, sustainable, regenerative, inclusive, abundant, global economic system, is impeded primarily by ignorance and deception.

Ignorance of the nature of money, the process of money creation, and how that allows Wealth to control everything. …



I want everyone to get paid, my work is available without attribution, can't imagine that being relevant to anything you're discussing

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