The assault continues

Will we not defend our Nation?

The continued violent military insurrection planning and financing must be stopped.

We need a formal declaration of war.

There has not been a peaceful transfer of power.

The criminal fraud has turned to violent overthrow of the United States of America.

The attack continues in the form of immoral biological warfare, understanding more of the enemy will be killed than followers.

The war is happening.

We must engage it.

So why are they tolerated in a democratic nation?

The premise of a political party is a conspiracy to advance minority demands over majority need, by whatever means necessary.

That’s how hundreds of bills get sent to Senate without any action taken on them. It’s how some minority is arbitrarily denied a voice in many aspects of government, and how a majority is impeded from action.

Rules intended to protect rights of a minority are perverted to curtail those rights by another minority.

I suspect the hypocrisy associated with both, and any, political parties contributes to the fact that more people disengage from civic involvement than belong to either…

I think I get it now

Pride fears integrity, duty & honor.

That’s civilian government service. (I grew up around DC, & delivered the Post, in the 60s)

We recently demonstrated that in our military service as well. That’s why Pride resorted to insurrection. Our military is part of the Deep State as well.

Public service attracts dedicated public servants, and the proud, for different reasons.

The proud act dedicated & concerned, relying on the loyalty of tribe to disguise true intent. When their deceptions provide them power, Pride is inserted to pervert our core values when convenient, simply to retain and gain more power.


The thing they won’t talk about, so they can hide it, is that fiat money is an option to purchase human labor. (because they steal our option fees)

It was never really backed with gold, or any physical asset. That’s not much better than barter anyway, and only creates another variable valued trade good. Not ideal money.

Humanity can maintain a global money supply of $1 million per capita at 1.25% for $1,000/mo/capita, and about $500/yr/capita for banking costs and to individually fund the UN.

Since options to purchase a commodity are only ethically bought from the owner of the…

Maybe it’s been too long for people to understand

I keep hearing people claim that criminal things done by criminal public officials aren’t against the law, they just violate Norms.

Norms define the boundaries of abuse, of tre45on

(any abuse by POTUS, as an act against the Nation, is tre45onous. We adopted the Norms to delineate boundaries)

So officials know not to do that, because that’s a violation of oath & office.

Because there isn’t enough space or time to enumerate every specific abuse a madman may be inspired by.

A crime

Just sayin’

Include Each Human Being On The Planet Equally In A Globally Standard Proces Of Money Creation

Have you considered the inevitable and most likely effects of including each human being on the planet equally in a globally standard process of money creation?

Peace, I believe cannot exist in tandem with slavery.

The current process of money creation is structural enslavement, in that we are compelled to provide the service of accepting notes in exchange for our labor/produce, without our express agreement or compensation.

A correction may be affected without appreciable cost or disruption of finance:

All sovereign debt, money creation, shall be financed with equal quantum Shares of global fiat credit, that may be claimed by…


I’ve been enquiring of Economics: “What is the moral and ethical justification for the current process of money creation?”

Similarly, the definition of money, fails to describe the essential function, and ideal characteristics of money, as a globally fungible trade medium.

This lack of definition inhibits moral or ethical assessment.

I’m positing that money is ideally an option to purchase human labor, broadly, as anything brought to market. As human labor is requred to bring anything to market.

Monetary system as global human labor futures market provides a structure to examine that moral and ethical basis.

State asserts ownership of…


Why does a social contract need to be hypothetical, to be fair and just?

Including each human being on the planet equally in a globally standard process of money creation is valuable, passive, participation. Social contract can’t be voluntary if it isn’t actual. having choice between all local deposit banks as non-governmental global economic representation, provides a just structure.

Your unsupported opposition, refusal to consider, doesn’t make any logical sense.

What is your actual motivation?

Thanks again for your kind indulgence,



I want everyone to get paid, my work is available without attribution, can't imagine that being relevant to anything you're discussing

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