I don’t know what to make of it

Something about the recent changes either prevents conversations, or the author really is evil. The treatment is common enough. I present a simple rule to be assessed, and the reader goes insane.

Instead of providing logical argument or question, or disregard, they present lies and assorted logical fallacies. Calling me strange names.

Then they hide.

Like evil things from the light, refusing to acknowledge the truths they help to hide.

Or just a ridiculously proud one refusing to acknowledge there are things in the world they haven’t considered.

I don’t believe so many will be so deranged after human beings have been equally included in a globally standard process of money creation for a while.

I only note this because of hateful fallacious questions I saw briefly but couldn’t access…



I want everyone to get paid, my work is available without attribution, can't imagine that being relevant to anything you're discussing