I disagree

Having a right to something doesn’t impose a responsibility on any entity to provide that.

It does impose a responsibility not to interfere with another’s rights.

The foundational inequity structurally imposed by the current process of money creation, denies each human a right to self ownership.

Access to all human rights, enumerated in the UDHR or not, is enabled with self ownership, and our structural inclusion as equal financiers of our global economic system.

We are equal financiers of our global economic system, because our global economic system is financed with past and future human labor, and if we have self ownership, we are thus, rightfully, equal owners of the global human labor futures market.

While none of the referenced plans are UBI, all support the continued structural slavery of humanity. I haven’t read the UDHR in a while, isn’t there a provision against slavery, compelled servitude? The current process of money creation clearly violates the Thirteenth amendment to the US Constitution, as it imposes compelled, uncompensated, servitude.

As equal owners of the global monetary system, fees paid to create and maintain the existence of money are shared equally among all adult humans who accept a local social contract. That is a consistent global Basic Income, we are currently denied, because, fraud & theft.

Fraud, in State’s assertion of ownership of human labor, and theft of our rightful option fees.

Social contracts that must be accepted by each citizen/depositor, based on ubiquitous access to affordable (1.25%) money for secure sovereign investment, will necessarily be comprehensive, to attract and retain citizen/depositors.

Some interesting math Mr. Yang has continually refused to address, is that by adopting the rule of inclusion, the $600 B currently paying sovereign debt interest, will go directly to the Global Basic Income instead of to Wealth. Fixing the cost of global money creation eliminates the cost of operating the bond market, and the instability imposed, while also fixing foreign exchange. Makes all currencies fungible, interchangeable.

The claim that, ‘Adopting a rule of inclusion to include each adult human on the planet equally in a globally standard process of money creation, will establish a stable, sustainable, regenerative, inclusive, abundant, global economic system, with mathematical certainty’ remains without dispute.

…and I’ve been commenting on most every post he’s made since he started posting, even when there were only a couple comments, or just mine.

Thanks for the perspective, and your kind indulgence

I want everyone to get paid, my work is available without attribution, can't imagine that being relevant to anything you're discussing

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