Have you considered the inevitable and most likely effects of including each human being on the planet equally in a globally standard process of money creation?

Peace, I believe cannot exist in tandem with slavery.

The current process of money creation is structural enslavement, in that we are compelled to provide the service of accepting notes in exchange for our labor/produce, without our express agreement or compensation.

A correction may be affected without appreciable cost or disruption of finance:

All sovereign debt, money creation, shall be financed with equal quantum Shares of global fiat credit, that may be claimed by each adult human being on the planet, held in trust with local deposit banks, administered by local fiduciaries and actuaries exclusively for secure sovereign investment, at a fixed and sustainable rate, as part of an actual local social contract.

Fixing the value of a Share at a million and the sovereign rate at 1.25% establishes a stable, sustainable, regenerative, inclusive, abundant, and ethical global economic system with mathematical certainty.

Each Nation and the people who own it may borrow into existence up to a million per capita at 1.25% and pay each human being on the planet an equal Share of the fees collected. In USD that’s up to $1,000/month to each adult human being on the planet with no cost to any government beyond the fixed rate of their debt. (the remaining 0.043% was left in for banking costs and to individually fund the UN)

That is a significant global savings, in addition to the moral and ethical imperative of providing structural individual human self ownership.

This way all money will forever have the precise convenience value of using 1.25%/annum options to purchase human labor instead of barter. That’s kinda the point of money.

Ideal money being a fixed unit of cost for planning, stable store of value for saving, with global acceptance for maximum utility, and nothing else. That’s what results from adopting the rule of inclusion. The fixed cost and stable store result from fixing the cost. Voluntary global acceptance and compensation is acquired with local social contracts. Local social contracts allow the rule to have no affect on any political or governmental structures, and enable maximum cultural diversity.

The change is affected entirely at Central Bank discount windows, when they are turned around. Central Banks then will borrow State money directly from humanity through our sovereign trust accounts, along with individual and other sovereigns, with local fiduciary oversight. This relieves Central Bank of the unnecessary task of creating and stabilizing money and may direct all their attention to the accounts of State.

Interest on money creation loans may be watched as it grows in an aggregation and distribution account, to be divided equally, converted, and paid to each Share holder to an associated deposit account. Principal returns to Shares, establishing the regenerative quality, in a sufficient per capita limited global money supply.

When each State licenses each deposit bank globally to create their currencies, projects may be financed in whatever currencies are required for materials and labor. Our economies become so enmeshed any consideration of war becomes absurd.

With each human being structurally enfranchised as equal financier of our global economic system, there is no disenfranchisement to exploit. The problems become irrelevant.

The major problem being a big pile of money. Decentralization of power is crucial to reduce risk. When local needs can be entirely financed locally, along with central government, demands for central services and budget are reduced to a minimum.

I do hope you will consider. Benefit cascades.

Thanks for your efforts, and your kind indulgence,


I want everyone to get paid, my work is available without attribution, can't imagine that being relevant to anything you're discussing

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