Money Creation

Money is an option to purchase human labor, and money creation is a global human labor futures market.

State asserts ownership of our labor, by spending options to claim our labor into existence as currency. (one way to create money, pay with other people’s stuff)

Forces us by law to perform the service of accepting the options (money) in exchange for our labor, makes money valuable, so fees can be collected for use of value provided by us, without our compensation. (That’s the definition of slavery)

Banks charge interest for use of created money, when only providing accounting, and charging separately for that, while someone else holds the note, owns the debt. (other way to create money, loan it into existence)

They say money is created from nothing, as agreement, and returns to nothing when repaid. Though the person accepting the money in exchange is not party to that money creation agreement, and is not compensated for carrying the loan. That fee collected by bank, for her, and other’s future, compelled, service.

If you look there though, the money is being borrowed into existence from the future labor in our back pocket, rented to others, and slipped back, none the wiser.

Bonds account for State spending, to assure currency value in foreign exchange. So, Wealth may borrow money into existence from bank and buy sovereign debt at a profit, paying our option fees to Wealth with our taxes. (we can buy some sovereign debt, but not with cheaper money, and not if we haven’t any)

That’s why I’m suggesting all the money needs to be borrowed into existence equally from each of us humans, collectively, through individual trust accounts in our local deposit banks, administered by our chosen local fiduciaries and actuaries, to act as our non-governmental financial interface with a subordinate State that must borrow it’s money into existence from us before spending it… a fixed and sustainable rate, as part of an actual local social contract

still soliciting argument against

Thanks so much again for your kind indulgence

I want everyone to get paid, my work is available without attribution, can't imagine that being relevant to anything you're discussing

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