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Try to construct a moral and ethical justification for the current process of money creation?

What do you believe is a concise, functional definition of money?

In spite of dictionary definition sufficiently vague as to include any trade good, fiat money is not a trade good as it has no other function. Trade with other humans for their stuff conveniently without arranging a barter exchange. Trade goods and currencies backed by trade goods are barter. Both sides of a transaction must be subjectively assessed

Fiat money is an option to purchase human labors & property. We don’t get paid our option fees

So that first question is rhetorical, there is no moral or ethical justification for the current process of money creation. Yet you believe there is? Maybe that currently created fiat money is a neutral medium of exchange, or anything other than the structural economic enslavement of humanity? That’s consistent with centuries of contrived, convoluted, confounding explanations of valuation and CONfidence provided by Economists and Academics for Wealth to convince humanity fiat money is anything other than an option to purchase human labor. It’s only function

And you accept that, without question.

Should be clear to anyone looking from WEF estimate of $300 trillion in global sovereign debt with about that total in existence. Central Bankers, licensed by State, have sold $300 trillion of options to purchase human labor to their friends who bought, and now own that in global sovereign debt and are having States force humanity to make the payments on all money for Wealth with our taxes in debt service, along with a bonus to finance human activity at their whim.

That’s the macro state of the global monetary system

We’re compelled by State to perform the service of accepting money in exchange for our labors without our express informed consent, compensation, or knowledge. Our compelled service provides the only value of fiat money, profit for Central Bankers and their friends. Compelled service is the definition of slavery, violates UDHR and the Thirteenth amendment to the US Constitution

And you accept that without question?

I can’t imagine how Piketty and peers overlook the largest stream of income on the planet, the interest paid on global sovereign debt, by humanity to Wealth for no good reason. They aren’t sayin’

So why shouldn’t you accept that without question? It’s told and retold by respected authorities

I can tell you an ethical administrative correction that achieves stated goals and no one has logical or moral argument against adopting. My life experience is that you will reject it out of hand, as it challenges your skewed world view. So you can relate to those poor deluded souls following whatever propaganda they’re served because they don’t understand how they’re enslaved

Correction is affected with adoption of a rule of inclusion for international banking regulation:

'All sovereign debt, money creation, shall be financed with equal quantum Shares of global fiat credit, held in trust with local deposit banks, administered by local fiduciaries and actuaries exclusively for secure sovereign investment at a fixed and sustainable rate, that may be claimed by each adult human being on the planet as part of an actual local social contract’

Achieving stated goals of international banking regulation, the rule establishes an ethical global human labor futures market. We begin to create ideal money

A fixed value Share establishes a fixed per Capita maximum potential global money supply for stability and infinite scalability. A value of €1,000,000 equivalent is conservative valuation of average individual lifetime economic production, a reasonable, sufficient capitalization of the global human labor futures market. Further fixing the sovereign rate at 1,25% per annum establishes a stable, sustainable, regenerative, inclusive, abundant, and ethical global economic system with mathematical certainty

All money will then have the precise convenience value of using 1,25% per annum options to purchase human labor instead of barter, mathematically distinct from money created at any other rate. The value of a self referential mathematical function can’t be affected by fluctuations in the cost or valuation of any other thing. We’ll know regardless what currency is in hand, it was created for secure investment and someone somewhere is paying 1,25% per annum on it we each share equally

For a significantly reduced and fixed global cost paid to humanity, we get an otherwise cost free global basic income without new infrastructure or administration, and ideal money; a fixed unit of cost for planning, stable store of value for saving, with voluntary global acceptance for maximum utility, and nothing else. Economics acquires a fixed unit of measure and may begin making scientific observations. Money loses its coercive property

When existing global sovereign debt is repaid with new fixed value money, Wealth will have that $300 trillion to save or reinvest in something else, with over €6 quadrillion of 1,25% per annum credit readily available locally, globally, for secure investment with local fiduciary oversight. All human needs can be sustainably financed locally, globally, without any of Wealth’s accumulation. Including climate change mitigation

When existing money is available for less than 1,25% per annum, no more money need be created. Self regulating. Though any amount up to the potential maximum may be created, kept in savings or treasuries to maximize individual income from money creation without additional infrastructure or administration. Payments withheld from money creation income on secured individual sovereign rate loans for home, farm, or secure interest in employment will provide a significant portion of regenerative flow

Those non-governmental economic representatives we choose when selecting a local deposit bank to administer our trusts are the representatives we get, not the ones who got the most votes. Makes global monetary system the most democratic structure ever. Each adult human being on the planet who accepts a local social contract is placed equally atop the global monetary system organizational chart just above our non-governmental economic representatives, over the UN, over our subordinate Nations which borrow their money and sovereignty from humanity. None above, none rule, we cooperate contractually to voluntarily restrict our freedom in respect of others rights. So technically, Anarchy

Isms are distraction from the foundational inequity. You’re partially consumed with talking about them, aren’t you? Like political parties, distracting from the foundational inequity

Since local social contracts can be written to describe any ideology, adopting the rule has no direct affect on any existing governmental or political structures, as they can be included in local social contracts. Ideological policies assessed on a level economic playing field. We enable maximum cultural diversity and innovation

The rule allows each of us to claim inclusion as equally enfranchised Capitalists with a minimum quantum of secure capital and the income earned from it. Note that socialist or communist local social contracts may require citizens to sign over their income from money creation to State for distribution, where that’s the current process of money creation in all supposed democratic capitalist Nations without our express informed consent, compensation, or knowledge

Regardless what ideological governmental or political structures are in place, Wealth ultimately controls government through Central Bank. Ideological structures provide fascia to hide the oligarchic process of money creation and control beneath. They’re all fascistic oligarchies or monarchies. Putin and Xi are emperors because they control both government and Central Bank. What’s called Western Empire is the aggregate demands of a wide variety of oligarchs, including Russian and Chinese

You won’t see that though?

Providing simple structural economic self ownership makes all the propaganda absurd, even to the less intelligent, easily manipulated, trusting souls. Without the actual structural economic enslavement of humanity, we won’t feel it viscerally any longer. Did you know one of the most common complaints heard by mental health professionals is a feeling of enslavement? You might feel it, viscerally, without being aware of the mechanism of our enslavement

All those poor deluded souls do

So you know, if you didn’t

Thanks for your kind indulgence




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